From environmental art to impact zero global art
by Ivano Vitali
- (2002)

When I introduce my art, I cannot help but refer to the artistic research which I carried out in the period spent in the Impruneta countryside near Florence from 1975 to 1979.
The artistic research which I carried out in the environment, for the environment, with all its phenomena - sensorial and conceptual, free from the influence of market forces and dominant ideology continues to this day.
Very little of the poor and recycled material used to create those ephemeral installations has remained: nearly everything was recycled in those years. A few dozen pieces are now visible only through partial documented means consisting of photos, slides, some written texts and some evidence from friends and acquaintances who used to visit and share the large farmhouse in via Quintole per le Rose, 47. Only recently I started showing my research of those years, because I am convinced that it is still relevant. It is, in fact, from that research that for the last twenty years I have been borrowing ideas, which I then rework in order to express my creativity. 
My choice in the middle of the ‘90s to use only printed paper (newspapers, magazines, books, etc.) out of all of the available recyclable materials in order to make sculptures, installations and performances evolved at the same time as my interest to communicate what I had made and was making through the internet, by creating my own websites to document my day to day activities.
I have always been an ecologist: in 2002 I started to transform recycled newspapers into artwork, without using machines, glue, water or fixing agents… using only my hands, I twist newspapers into threads with endless combinations of thicknesses and colours. These threads are gathered into skeins, reels and balls, and then, using traditional techniques such as knitting, crochet and weaving are crafted into unique, unrepeatable works, both poor and precious at the same time. An art which I define as “zero impact” since the works come from recycled materials and do not require the consumption of non-renewable resources for their realization, with the further possibility of being undone once more, re-made, or sent back into the recycling chain.
Once I overcame the experimental stage, for several years I started to objectify my works by making garment-sculptures, tapestries, chair installations, table doilies, giant balls and maxi-socks…Since 1995 my performances with newspaper unite the ludic and spectacular action with the didactic moment in which I show the techniques of recycling.
My primary aim remains the communication of the ecological message to all the peoples of the earth, because I believe that wellbeing and happiness are dependent upon a respect for the environment, and I am therefore convinced that every person, without exception must stand for the defence of planet earth against any form of pollution.

(translated by Marc West - 2011)


Arte globale ad impatto zero 
Global Art zero impact 
Impact global zéro Art 
Global Kunst Null Auswirkungen 
Global Art impacto cero 
impacto zero Global Art 
Global Art nul invloed 
                                    تأثير الفن العالمي الصفر