Ivano Vitali - Combinazioni
Blue Star Contemporary Art Center,
 San Antonio - Texas USA

Crossovers: Materials and Metaphors
Featuring Joan Hall & Ivano Vitali; curated by Meredith Dean

Opening Reception
Thursday, Dec 9, 2010
6:00 - 9:00 pm 
Dec 9, 2010 - Feb 12, 2011 
Main Gallery



Ivano Vitali - Paper ball "Il Firenze" ( cm 60)


Comunicato stampa/invito
Materials and Metaphor
Ivano Vitali & Joan Hall
curated by Meredith Dean
At first sight the works of Ivano Vitali and Joan Hall appear to address quite diverse aesthetic concerns. Their working methods are notably different and include cutting with a scalpel for one, and careful tearing for the other: active attack on the one hand and pensive consideration on the other (the viewer can decide which is which). On closer observation, however, the crossovers of conceptual, technical and formal elements allow the works to converse and converge on many levels. The obvious elements that connect both bodies of work are paper - both handmade and recycled - and a means of construction using intertwined and knotted lines to create their sculptures.

Joan Hall has long produced prints and sculptures created from handmade paper and her work brings to mind the long history and flexibility of this beautiful medium. Combined with paper she also uses discarded flotsam, frequently picked up on various beaches or found floating in the ocean.

Ivano Vitali creates objects from mass media paper, newspapers, journals, and the like. These "found" papers are carefully fabricated into various threads and yarns, which become the basis for his sculptures. His artistic work is closely linked to the historical Italian tradition of fine craftsmanship and the materials are reminiscent of Arte Povera.

The work of both artists resonates with the metaphorical power and unexpected beauty of discarded daily ephemera to visually communicate overlapping concerns about the fragility of our world, the environment and the conservation of our planet.

                                                                                                                                            Meredith Dean

Inaugurazione al "Blue Star"  il 9 dicembre 2010         Meredith Dean presenta gli artisti - 9 dicembre 2010          Installazione con i gomitoli e la maglia 
Ivano Vitali - Installazione con i centri di carta.         Photo by Ivano Vitali         Ivano Vitali - Installazione: Tape-stries
Ivano Vitali - Le pagine dei giornali vengono trasformate a mano 
in fili di varie grandezze senza uso di acqua, colle e coloranti.
The pages of the newspapers are ripped in lots of strips of various measures
 and then transformed into a thread, without using water,glue or coloring.

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