ivano vitali - fili / yarns

Filo e foto di Ivano Vitali

Ivano Vitali -  Dettagli del filo realizzato con la rivista Mani di Fata

foto di ivano vitali


"piccolo grande" e foto di Ivano
Ivano Vitali -  Groviglio. Fili con le riviste Specchio+ e Mani di fata
His career as an artist had an important turning point in 2002, when he decided to wear clothes made out of newspaper for his performances. He learnt from his mother how to  knit, crochet and sew and started to transform pages into threads of every size: he obtains them by twisting the strips together, without using scissors or glue. He uses no water in the process, so people can read the words and letters of the newspapers used to make jackets, waistcoats, gowns, objects as if they were “art books” documenting a moment in our history. The fact that no colour is added makes it possible to recognize in each garment or tapestry  the heading of the newspaper, whereas the monochrome pieces reveal a patient choice of advertisements.




il sacco la fune e la balla    gomitoli    trucioli 

ivano vitali - segnalibro di carta riciclata 1979

Picture of a bookmark made by Ivano Vitali in 1979 by twisting a newspaper strip.
Immagine di un segnalibro realizzato da Ivano Vitali nel 1979 attorcigliando una striscia di giornale

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